How to Use TouristEraser

Use this app to erase unwanted moving people, cars, etc that are in the field of view of your camera when you want to take a picture.  It works by the user taking several (5 or more) pictures and then the app removes objects that have moved from one picture to another.

Here is an example:

Tap on the camera button () to start taking pictures.  
Take a minimum of 4 images.  It's important to take these images while object that you want to remove move around. 
Remember: only moving objects/people will be removed.

Please feel free to email me with your question or suggestions:

FaceMod: Change your face but putting facial features from celebrities on your face   

HeadSwap: put the head from one image on the head from another image 

TouristEraser: Remove those pesky tourists from your images

FocusNow: Make your images pop by making everything but the subject black&white. 
Also add depth-of-field to the image to make it look like it was taken with an expensive SLR camera

PencilPicture: Give this app an image and it will produce a 
sketch image from it as if it was drawn with a pencil.

MotionEffect: Add motion effect to your pictures and make them appear as if the subject was moving  

TwinMaker: Create images where the same person appears in two places in the same image as if he/she has a twin.  
You can also create real postcards using your creation and send them to friends and family.

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