Bio Compass

Note: this app only works on iPhone4 (because it is uses the gyro sensor of iPhone4).

This is an app that can entertain you and you friends for hours (ok, maybe not for hours, but for long enough).  

Here is how it works: you select a category (see the screenshot below), hit 'Start' and then let your iPhone find the person around the table that is in that has that characteristic. 

 You simply lay iPhone in the middle of the table and slowly spin the phone and watch the needle in the analog meter.  As the phone gets close to the direction of the person who has that characteristic, it starts beeping faster and the meter needle goes to the left.

You can play the game in either "Random Mode" or "Sneaky Mode":
  • Random Mode: just hit the center of the 'Start' button and the iPhone picks a direction randomly.
  • Sneaky Mode: After laying the phone on the table, hit a point in the perimeter of the 'Start' button which points towards the person that you want the iPhone to indicate as the person with that characteristic.  Of course, make sure you do this inconspicuously so that your friends don't find out the secret. 
Picture below show an example of where to hit the 'Start' button in order to have the app pick the person that the yellow line points to.

Of course, this app does not have any magic power and it is the operator that determines to which direction the app will show sensitivity.

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